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Thermal screening kiosk manages corona virus spread 

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Taiwanese computer manufacturing company Advantech develops an IoT enabled one-to-one Visitor thermal screening kiosk.

Taiwanese computer manufacturing company Advantech has developed an IoT-enabled one-to-one Visitor Thermal Screening Kiosk, a cost-effective version of the company’s Visitor Thermal Screening System. The plug-and-play thermal screening solution measures and records abnormal body temperature in real-time to combat the spread of Covid-19. The solution is easy to set up and supports integration with a rugged panel PC interface and several peripherals to configure a complete thermal kiosk solution for businesses.

Zero-contact thermal solution

The visitor thermal screening kiosk is equipped with built-in thermal screening software that can be connected to Advantech’s Avalo human thermal sensor to provide thermal image data and integrate with the USC-130’s video analysis. The zero-contact thermal solution leverages AI technologies to screen and monitor people individually in smaller, more intimate settings like supermarkets, private medical practices, and small businesses to reduce the risk and spread of corona virus. It features a thermostat threshold for temperature hysteresis, multiple alarm settings, as well as visitor screening results with face-capture integrations that support mask detection.


The corona virus disease has succumbed, millions of people worldwide. The new mutant combination and second wave have elevated the burden across sectors, leading to strict guidelines on movement, social distancing, and curfew or lockdown in parts of the world. The rise in cases of corona has mandated the use of thermal screening solutions in public as well as private places to mitigate the spread. Since Advantech’s thermal screening solution launched in 2020 was not affordable to small business owners, the company came up with an affordable one-to-one visitor thermal screening kiosk.

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