AI sensors upgrading AHUs


According to Rahul Yadav, Director of Sales & Marketing, Balance Air Equipments, air conditioning is becoming essential worldwide. Balance Air provides advanced air distribution products and energy-efficient HVAC solutions, ensuring efficient operations in various environments.

How do you perceive the HVAC industry’s role, which is currently driven by rising temperatures due to global warming?

The HVAC sector is witnessing rapid expansion due to rising temperatures attributed to global warming. Air conditioning is emerging as a key tool for maintaining comfort levels worldwide. Transitioning to a life devoid of air conditioning presents a significant opportunity for individuals of all demographics to engage in the industry. Universal access to air conditioning is imperative for ensuring consistent living standards across regions. Moreover, the growth of the HVAC industry addresses cooling and heating needs. It also extends its benefits to sectors like automotive. While challenges may arise, they do not signify a crisis within the HVAC field, as air conditioning remains indispensable for mitigating extreme temperatures and promoting comfort across all age groups.

How do you ensure optimal air distribution by providing a wide range of equipment and adaptable airflow solutions?

Enrichment of product offerings is an important part of our distribution strategy. We focus on various sectors, such as spaces with low and high ceilings, office environments, open retail areas, and sterile zones. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of equipment, including diffusers, circular and square plate-type diffusers, grills, and linear diffusers. Additionally, we specialise in constructing adaptable spaces with adjustable airflow, ensuring optimal air distribution. This approach ensures that air is effectively and hygienically circulated, creating a clean and comfortable environment for our customers.

How does the company ensure energy efficiency and efficient performance in air conditioning systems?

The company utilises reputed products and cutting-edge technology to enhance energy efficiency and ensure comfortable air conditioning. They incorporate renowned brands for sheet metals and employ cutting-edge fan technologies like EC fans to achieve quiet operation and efficient performance. They also integrate cloud-based systems, enabling global internet connectivity for Wi-Fi or network access. Users can remotely manage airflow, RPM, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and air quality while monitoring filtering stages and functions through the software interface. However, as the number of AHUs increases, a noticeable rise in pressure drop occurs. The company also implements smart AHUs capable of stationary operation, effectively reducing energy consumption by managing user functions. Nevertheless, the software lacks variable speed control, only allowing modification of one variable speed at a time. Despite this limitation, the software provides various features and indicators across different systems.

What role do AI and IoT play in the manufacturing of products?

In the hospitality industry, using AI sensors plays a crucial role in upholding product quality and prolonging the lifespan of equipment, particularly air handling units (AHUs). These sensors provide real-time insights into AHU status, facilitating more efficient maintenance and monitoring practices. Given that the condition of AHUs may vary with age, pharmaceutical companies and hotels need to conduct regular monitoring. These sensors aid in assessing cleanliness, operational status, fan health, air and water quality, and equipment temperature. Achieving these objectives would be challenging without the assistance of such sensors. The primary aim is to enhance user-friendliness in controlling smart AHU systems, benefiting the company and its clientele.

What upcoming developments can we anticipate?

The latest development endeavours to improve the functionality and efficiency of our AHU, emphasising the importance of customer feedback to guarantee seamless operation and satisfaction. Our focus is actively listening, comprehending, and addressing customer concerns by identifying solutions. However, the medium targeted for feedback encounters numerous challenges, including issues from the customer’s end. We encourage customers to provide feedback and receive updated service reports to maximise benefits. We aim to conserve energy, electricity, and water, recognising that consumption has a compounding effect. As the world grows, it becomes increasingly vital to prioritise electricity, water, and air purification for both health and the environment. 

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