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Dealing with the red flags in HVAC pumping solutions

HVAC pumping solutions

During regular checkups, technicians look for several red flags that might indicate potential issues in the system. The most common red flags are abnormal pressure or temperature readings. This has an impact on the setpoint that decides operations during auto mode.

They check for any misalignments of the pump due to improper installation or issues that is generated over a long period of time. Sudden change in load and piping support can lead to excessive vibration of the pumps. These can be avoided by doing checks on a quarterly basis. Seal failure dueto wrongful flushing of impurities, and cavitation due to improper piping or load variations can be considered as other red flags. There could be concerns related to improper base frame grouting and unsuitable suction ends, such as bends and reducers. Blockages could also affect suction drains over a period.

Further elaborating on the same, Anthoni Selvam Arul Doss from Grundfos, said, it is important to take corrective action as soon as these red flags are identified. A significant portion of these issues can be reduced by frequently maintaining the pumps, conducting alignment and temperature checks.The right set point can also be determined on a quarterly basis, thereby optimising the pumps to run efficiently.

“Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology, has pioneered efficient, high powering HVAC pumping solutions. These tailored solutions help save energy, reduce lifecycle costs and improve the comfort of the end user,” Arul Doss added.

Grundfos’ Magna3 is the ideal solution for the HVAC industry as the state-ofthe- art pump is designed for heating and cooling systems. It reduces power consumption by over 85 per cent and the AUTOADAPT and FLOWADAP settings can help adjust system operations on the basis of requirements. Additionally, they have a long life with minimum maintenance costs and are fitted with IR communication to offer external control and fmonitoring. The pump also has a future proof circulator with an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) value that meets the stringent EuP requirements.

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