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Hydroflow electronic water conditioner for efficient cooling towers

Hydroflow technology works by directly inducing an electric field within the water itself, regardless of pipe material or flow rate, which travels throughout the pipe network and protects the entire system of a cooling tower.

This electric field is tailored to a range of applications including limescale prevention in anything from coffee machines to power stations, improving the clarity and smell of swimming pools, eliminating bacteria and increasing the efficiency of industrial filtration.

Application: Prevention and Removal of existing Limescale
With industrial growth in Indian region, the demand for heating and cooling of utility has increased exponentially. The limescale forms due to change in temperature and pressure, which saturates the molecules of calcium and bicarbonate ions in the water, hence forming limescale in the system.
Hydroflow Technology models can work with any systems for removing their existing limescale as well as it will not allow new scale to settle on to piping surface. Since scale is always present in the water, based on changes in temperature and pressure scale settles on internal sides on pipes, tubes, etc. Hydroflow Electronic water conditioner ensures removal of existing scale and will not allow new scale to settle. This will work with Shell and Tube Heat exchanger, Plate Heat exchanger, Cooling Tower, Any Boiler, Evaporator, etc.

The Technology:
Hydroflow technology applies an electric signal of +-150 KHz to water inside the pipe without considering MOC of pipe. Since signal goes directly into water, its strength is very high enough to remove already settled scale. The electronic signal flows through out the water system and cleans whole system. Also, the signal flows to both the sides of machine irrespective of position of machine.

The first, and perhaps most important, consideration when treating a fluid with an electric field is how to get that field through the pipe and into the water itself. One of the most effective ways to send a signal into a pipe is using Ferrite technology. This technology uses the well known idea of an electrical transformer to send the signal into the pipe – and also into the water itself.

When using this principle in water conditioners, the signal is transferred from the conditioner, via the core into both the pipe and the water itself, which act as secondary coil.

This method allows an extremely efficient transfer of energy from the unit to the pipe and the water contained within. This means that there can be a large, strong signal in the pipe whist the conditioner consumes very little power – around the same as an energy-efficient light bulb. This also means the signal can travel for large distances and throughout the branches of a plumbing system.

The use of an electric field, rather than a magnetic field, coupled with the distance the signal can travel, means the treatment is not dependent on flow rate or volume of water. It also works effectively on both conductive and non-conductive pipe materials.

The Benefits
One of the most immediate and obvious benefits of this approach is the ease of installation. The conditioner can be fitted on to a pipe or plumbing system without the need to cut or make modifications to the existing pipework.

This allows for quick, easy installation, with no downtime.This technology can be applied to extremely large pipes – in fact, it has been used on pipes with diameters of over one and a halfmeter, and can be used for still larger pipes where the signal can travel great distances – up to hundreds of meters. It can be used for a wide range of applications, from hot water production in large residential and commercial buildings to more industrial applications including steam production in high pressure steam boilers, copper mines, steel mills and power stations. Some benefits are;

  • Lime scale removal
  • No new limescale formation
  • Bacteria, algae growth reduction
  • Significant reduction in chemical usage
  • No regular need for downtime for maintenance
  • No AMC, no moving part
  • Long life

In any heat exchanger system, the scale deposits in the tube of heat exchanger for e.g. condenser, chiller, boiler, evaporator, etc. The Hydroflow Technology effectively removes existing limescale and doesn’t allow the formation of new scale. The continuous process of conditioning the water ensures that system is kept free from deposition of scale and hence enhances life of a system.

Hanzala Paloba,Filfab Corporation (SMD)
Mobile: +91-7700985177

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