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HVAC contractors implement smart systems to track outdoor conditions

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MG Cooling Solutions offers CSIR based UVGI disinfection systems for both standalone unit and induct systems.

Gaurav Kumar, partner, MG Cooling Solutions remarks that the Union Budget brings a sense of optimism and reflects the continued focus to boost on ‘Make in India’, reducing the dependency on imports. Duty concessions to promote electronic manufacturing will help the industry to sustain itself while recuperating from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Finance Minister’s commitment to establishing a strong 5G ecosystem will lead to product inventions across several categories including appliances that will be IoT enabled which will open the pathways to smarter and energy efficient HVAC technologies in India. The budget is concentrated on invention and entrepreneurship and that is the current need. As new entrepreneurship will come into view with the government’s provocation, new job opportunities will be created and the economy will get a boost. 

Elaborating on MG Cooling’s product range, he says, MG Cooling Solutions deals in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales & Supply, HVAC Installation & execution and UVGI for safer indoor environments. We are tied up with leading OEM’s in the industry to help you choose the best machines as per your requirements. MG Cooling Solutions offers Precision Air Conditioning, HVAC Services, Industrial Ventilation, Air Cooling Services, Centralised Air Conditioning, Chiller , plants, Cleanroom Services, Cold Room Services, Ductable and Packaged Air Conditioning, VRV and VRF Air, Conditioning, UVGI For HVAC and Energy Audit.Keeping the current pandemic in mind we are focusing more on UVGI technology to make HVAC energy-efficient and the two working together can make industrial and commercial buildings a much healthier place. We offer CSIR based UVGI disinfection systems for both standalone unit and induct systems. 

With time the air filter inside the HVAC system gets clogged with dirt, dust, and other types of debris. The dirtier the filter gets, the harder the system is forced to work making it use more energy and costing you more on your utility bill. By installing UVGI units you can ensure that your HVAC system always maintains the cooling coil in a like-new condition and has a clean air filter, which ensures savings in energy cost. UVGI air disinfection systems are highly efficient in improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and with the right conditions and proper installation; UVGI units can be very effective at killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, mildew and mould. 

Emerging trends with respect to HVAC technologies. 

Smart HVAC systems and smart thermostats are in demand more than ever and there is a global drive for greener options, focused on developing new and sustainable innovations, increased energy efficiency, replacing hazardous substances, reducing noise and vibration, and CO2 emissions. 

Five emerging trends are expected to be displayed: 

  • Data and connectivity to improve control 
  • Nowadays contractors and architects are designing with “green” thinking in mind, which has led to an influx in the installation of smart metres, thermostats, and sensors to help ease power 
  • Eco-Friendly HVAC systems are in demand 
  • Everyone’s looking to save money (and the world). So, there’s an uptick within the trend for environmentally-friendly HVAC units, which incorporates the utilisation of solar panels and wind turbines to scale back energy costs. The use of geothermal heating and cooling methods is additionally on the increase, which eliminates the necessity for petroleum-based electricity. 
  • Improvement in business functions by implementing software automation 
  • HVAC contractors and companies are using various platforms and software tools to enhance their sales, customer service, and technical support. Software Automation enhances invoicing, estimating, payments, routing, and communications with clients. 
  • HVAC technologies are getting smarter 
  • Out of many HVAC trends, technology is at the forefront because it’s accessible and a lot smarter and the HVAC contractors are implementing smart systems that can track outdoor conditions like temperature, brightness, humidity and sun’s position. 
  • Ductless HVAC Systems 
  • For modern infrastructures that are dealing with holes and gaps in ductwork that cause air leaks Ductless HVAC units are the perfect solution, rather than paying for pricey replacements, they can prefer to go with ductless HVAC systems. 
  • Your views about HVACR industry outlook in 2022. 
  • The HVACR market is experiencing remarkable growth in recent years; it is getting bigger, smarter and is predicted to achieve a 13 percent growth by 2028. In 2022 there is an increasing demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems for reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and increasing demand for energy-saving products will be more in demand than ever. The main sustainable elements that are increasingly incorporated into HVAC systems are: 
  • Developing HVAC systems that minimise heat loss or leaks and enable less energy consumption for customers. 
  • Selecting materials and technical parts that reduce the system’s overall carbon footprint 
  • In order to improve the systems’ efficiency, cost-effectivity, and sustainability IoT, sensors and HVAC software communication will be in much use. 
  • Automation technologies as they use the systems’ own data collection and intelligence to manage HVAC systems without needing users to act. 
  • In the future HVAC systems will use technologies such as more geothermal heat pumps, solar power, smart thermostats and even ice-powered air-conditioning to reduce energy consumption and overall environmental impact. 

The future of HVAC looks bright, from new technologies and products that are challenging the status quo to create truly smart heating and cooling systems, the HVAC industry is on a fast track to a more efficient future next year and beyond.

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