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Solid state cooling shaping up as next gen technology

Solid state cooling

Godrej has been actively propagating the use of R290 Refrigerant, the least global warming refrigerant in air conditioners.

Refrigeration & refrigerators market trends 

The use of natural refrigerants is being reinforced extensively, due to the growing concerns relating to the adverse effects on the environment. Currently, household refrigerators are using 100 percent natural refrigerant. And for categories such as domestic air conditioners and chest freezers there is scope for further adoption of natural refrigerants. Godrej has been actively propagating the use of R290 Refrigerant – the least global warming refrigerant – in air conditioners and is the only AC brand in the country to be offering R290 refrigerant based ACs for more than a decade. 

Natural refrigeration technologies shaping up 

Godrej Appliances have been propagating the use of environmentally friendly natural refrigerants. We have already seen adoption of natural refrigerants in refrigerators, and some applications have been shaping up in chest freezers for use of natural refrigeration. 

PCM to reduce emission and control cooling efficiency during transit 

PCM is one way to retain cooling efficiency during transit. However, we believe that the emergence of other technologies such as Peltier based solution, which is active cooling, can help consumers to retain cooling efficiency especially during transit. 

Price volatility in natural gases impacting the refrigeration industry 

The growing cost of commodities has been the main challenge for the industry now. The increase has been to the tune of 25 percent in material cost whereas the price increase is only to the tune of 7-8 percent. However, with affordability, finance options and quality of electricity improving, the market is set to grow faster. 

Growing demand for Low GWP potential refrigeration 

Iso-butane (R600a) and propane (R290) are some of the eco-friendly refrigerants which provide zero Ozone depletion, have extremely low global warming potential, offer excellent thermodynamic properties for higher efficiency, and provide good compatibility with component. Therefore, these are the best suggested refrigerants. 

Products and technologies for next-gen refrigeration 

Proliferation of inverter technology in electrical drives, better insulation and sealing materials in existing refrigeration technologies will expand its applications with respect to adoption. Technologies such as Solid-state cooling and MagnetoCaloric may also shape up as next-gen technologies. Godrej has been working on solid state cooling applications and has already introduced specialised cooling storage solutions to the consumer using the same technology. 

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