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Testo 400 – The intuitive air velocity & IAQ / IEQ measuring instrument

Testo 400

The measurement technology expert, Testo bring in the new generation of IEQ measurement technology: The new Testo 400 is the universal measuring instrument for all air flow and IEQ applications, and impresses with smart technology, fast readiness and convenient application. With the Testo 400, Testo has cleverly extended its range of measurement technology for all volume flow and comfort measurements. The universal Testo 400 is not just smarter, faster and better, it is also seamlessly integrated into Testo’s comprehensive IEQ range. The range of probes for the new measuring instrument is among the broadest on the market. In addition to this, the Testo smart probes can also be connected to the universal measuring instrument. The Testo 400 itself offers innovative functions which make the user’s job easier in every way, and allow reliable, norm-compliant measurement incl. documentation.

Product Overview

  • Intuitive with Measurement assistant: The Testo 400 features clearly structured and unambiguously guided measurement menus which guide the user safely and easily through the whole application.
  • The smart instrument guides the user during measurement procedure by automatically highlighting the points of measurement, depth of probe insertion and grid area. This intuitive and innovative feature enables the user for a seamless experience.
  • Universally applicable: Thanks to the broad selection of probes, all IEQ, ventilation and comfort parameters can be precisely and reliably measured.
  • Always ready to go: If probes need to be calibrated, this is possible independently of the measuring instrument. The Testo 400 can continue to be used with other probes while the affected probe heads are in service for calibration.
  • Saving time: The new Testo 400 allows all probes to be quickly and easily exchanged during the measurement eliminating the need for a bothersome instrument re-start, and the waiting times.
  • The documentation of the measurement job can be finished directly on site with the customer& the measurement reports can be conveniently sent by e-mail and are also stored in the instrument.

Product Features

  • Can measure °C, %RH, CO, CO2, m/s, Lux, hPa
  • Convenient smart touch operation with front and rear camera to capture live images.
  • High-precision, location-independence and integrated differential pressure sensor
  • Compatible with a wide selection of Bluetooth and wired probes, as well as Testo Smart Probes and Testo 440 probes
  • 5.0” HD touch display with 1280 x 720 px resolution
  • Zero-error display: Adjustment functionat up to 6 measuring points
  • Intelligent calibration concept with HD graphic display.

Smart and intuitive measurement programs:

  • HVAC grid measurement in accordance with EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111
  • PMV/PPD in accordance with EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55
  • Draught and degree of turbulence in accordance with EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55
  • WBGT measurement in line with DIN 33403 and EN ISO 7243
  • NET measurement in accordance with DIN 33403

Multiple application areas

  • Volume flow measurement in duct outlet with funnel and pitot tube
  • Thermal comfort measurement (PMV/PPD), NET temperature and Indoor Air Quality
  • Volume flow via K factor and differential pressure measurement (ASHRAE 111)
  • Thermal comfort measurement
  • Energy efficiency of green building (SFP value), current, heating/ cooling load measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement with mould risk measurement
  • Radiant heat measurement

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