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Trane introduces new solutions to reduce virus and bacterial spread in buildings


Trane, a brand of global climate innovator Trane Technologies, and a leader in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), announces it has launched a new suite of air cleaning solutions in India. The solutions apply advanced technologies to help reduce pathogens and other contaminants in indoor environments, including particles, gases and viruses. The technologies are PCO+UVGI (PhotoCatalytic Oxidation+ UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation), high voltage electrostatic filtration, and Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS).

As India enters the reopening phase of Unlock 6.0, these innovative solutions will help people get back to offices and popular hangout places like malls and restaurants with added safety and comfort during the pandemic. As a trusted partner, Trane is assisting its customers, including building owners, to improve indoor environmental quality, in line with guidelines on preventive measures from the India’s Ministry of Health and ASHRAE’s guidance on indoor air quality.

According to Kishor Patil, Trane Technologies HVAC & Transport, India & SAARC country leader explained, “As an American originated multinational company, Trane has a long history of industry-defining innovations for indoor environmental quality and sustainability, going back to 1913. We are committed to helping communities and businesses create safer, healthier and more efficient indoor environments during this pandemic, and beyond. As the nation works towards opening the economy while keeping people’s health and wellbeing at the center, we are confident that our new solutions help support this objective. “

He adds, “We have made great strides in enabling businesses build healthier and more efficient environments with Trane. Our newly launched solutions not only can reduce the spread of a variety of bacteria and many viruses, but also improve air quality by effectively degrading toxic and harmful gases and odors, and filtering particulate matter in the air.”

Healthier Indoor Environments with Trane’s Lab-Tested Solutions
Trane’s latest suite of innovative Air Cleaning Systems uses both PCO +UVGI along with high voltage electrostatic filter technology. The combined filtration and PCO+UVGI help remove pathogens and particulates from the air in all types of buildings.
Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology uses ultraviolet radiation to create powerful agents to oxidize many biological contaminants and break them down. In this process, these harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are converted to simpler chemicals, such as carbon dioxide and water.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) has a dual purpose. Its primary function is an energy source for the catalytic reactions of the PCO process, while it also provides a germicidal effect on microorganisms by using ultraviolet light in the “C” band (UVC) to inactivate a wide range of micro-organisms, including fungi, bacteria and viruses commonly found in buildings.

These solutions are applicable for both new buildings and retrofits in a wide range of environments, such as business centers, healthcare facilities, offices, educational institutes, and industrial sites. The solutions can be installed in multiple ways, such as plug-in mounting, internal and external full cross-section.

As tested, the PCO+UVGI solutions are effective in improving indoor environments with more than 99% effectiveness in removing both H1N1 virus and microbial contaminants (e.g. Staphylococcus albus bacteria). Separately, high voltage electrostatic filter has the capability to remove 99.9% of PM2.5 “respirable” particles.

In addition, Trane’s solutions have low air resistance and almost no additional impact of energy consumption air-conditioning systems, making them sustainable options.

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