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ZAbluefin wins under Innovation category at the 10th ACREX Awards of Excellence 2020.


Credit for this award goes to our R&D Engineers in Germany”, says Vikas Kundra, Managing Director of Ziehl-Abegg India.

The company has won 1st Award for Innovation for the latest centrifugal fan- ZAbluefin, wherein the jury liked the inspiration taken from nature by the Company. This year the Awards of Excellence was powered by Daikin and is an initiative to award Products & Services in 4 categories: Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality and Sustainable Design. ACREX 2020 was held from 27-29 Feb 2020 at IEML, Greater Noida.

This year there were a total of 65 nominations under 4 categories. The jury evaluated all the applications and shortlisted the best products/ services, based on Features of the product, Product Data, Testimonials, 3rd party certifications, etc.

Ziehl-Abegg India has taken AMCA (3rd Party Certification) for the ZAbluefin range of Fans for: Sound and Air performance / Fan Efficiency Index.

Ziehl-Abegg India is ready and has already started supplying AMCA Certified Fans: Plug Fans with Normal Motor and ECblue Fans to our customers in India.

Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA) is an independent, international and non-commercial organisation that develops, establishes and monitors standards and certifications for ventilation technology equipment. The international association represents 394 members from 35 countries. www.

Innovative product of the year: ZAbluefin- Blue Innovation made of premium composite material- ZAmid

ZAbluefin’s Innovative new blade leading edge (Corrugated new blade leading edge) is inspired by bionic principles. This helps in enhancing airflow over each of the five blades. The serrated trailing edge on the blades, inspired by the trailing edge of owls’ wings, enable owls to fly silently and enabling the impeller to operate with significantly reduced noise emissions.

This unique design concept helps ZAbluefin reduce air turbulence and noise. ZAbluefin Impeller combined with the Latest ECblue IE5 motor makes for an energy efficient fan. These fans are suitable for all applications where Energy Efficiency and Noise are critical. Added advantage is that ZAbluefin impeller is also 100% recyclable, as it’s made of a special Non-Corrosive ZAmid material.

How it works
Evolution has optimised the flow efficiency of the humpback whale overall in such a way that, despite its body size, it is considered a very good and agile swimmer. If this had not been the case, it would also have been unable to make its long journeys through the world’s oceans without having to feed. The latest generation of centrifugal fans at Ziehl-Abegg is now benefitting from this knowledge of Biomimicry.

The air flow in centrifugal fans hits the fan blades at different angles, depending on the volume flow. The whale has to overcome similar challenges when swimming in the sea: the movement of the fins causes their angular position to constantly change. If its pectoral fins were to be positioned at too steep an angle to the opposing current, strong turbulence would result in the water separating from the fins. “High flow losses and noise are characteristic features of strong turbulence” says Dr. Walter Angelis, Technical Director at ZiehlAbegg. The design of the fins on a humpback whale has been optimised over millions of years. That’s why the leading edges of the whale fins contain golf ball-sized nodules (technical term: tubercle). This allows an animal weighing 25 to 30 tons to swim very quickly and nimbly using its long pectoral fins. “We recreated this aspect at the leading edge of the fan blades and implemented it in the form of a rippled surface,” explains Angelis.

The flow engineers also took a closer look at the whale’s tail fin, the “fluke.” The V-shaped contour of the tail fin section delays any potential flow separation ¬– which enables the fan to be used for numerous pressure ranges. The latest generation of centrifugal fans at Ziehl-Abegg is now benefitting from this knowledge of Biomimicry. The product name ZAbluefin is based on the English word “fin”.

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