Daikin unveils Navigator WWV chiller for low GWP energy-efficient heat recovery


Daikin is releasing an upgraded Navigator® WWV water-cooled screw chiller that uses the low-GWP R-513A refrigerant. The chiller can be paired with an optional Templifier® TWV water heater to create a heat recovery system that is both energy and cost efficient. The Navigator heat recovery package can gather a huge quantity of heat and provide hot water up to 140°F for industrial or personal use.

Daikin is introducing an improved Navigator® WWV water-cooled screw chiller using low-global warming potential (GWP) R-513A refrigerant. In addition to providing industry-leading performance, customers can combine the new chiller with an optional Templifier® TWV water heater for an energy- and cost-efficient heat recovery system. The combination of a low-GWP refrigerant and heat recovery arrangement enables building owners and operators to reduce utility costs while also accelerating their sustainability and decarbonisation initiatives.

Heat Recovery Solution;

The Templifier TWV technology enables the Navigator to collect enormous amounts of heat that is normally rejected from the building and use it to generate hot water up to 140°F for processes or personal use. In addition, the Templifier can be used to supplement heat pumps in buildings. This is consistent with the electrification trend occurring in North America and around the world, as both the public and private sectors decrease fossil-fuel combustion for heating and cooling facilities.

The Navigator heat recovery package not only has major environmental benefits, but it may also boost energy efficiency and save utility costs for both HVAC and process applications, with a payback as little as one year.

Quiet and Dynamic Performance;

Navigator WWV’s one-of-a-kind single-screw design with variable volume ratio (VVR) compression technology enables greater part-load efficiency and noise reduction.

The Navigator, available in capacities ranging from 120 to 300 tons, is designed for high-lift operation, making it excellent for low-temperature operations and ice applications. Furthermore, Daikin VVR technology adapts to real-time building or process demands, resulting in the most energy- and cost-efficient operation conceivable. The dynamic adaptation to shifting heating and cooling demands ensures appropriate temperatures, humidity levels, and noise.

Climate-Conscious Refrigerant

R-513A, a low-GWP refrigerant, replaces the industry standard R-134A in Navigator WWV, providing a more efficient solution for water-cooled screw chiller technology. R-513A has half the GWP of R-134A, lowering the warming impact per pound of the refrigerant. The use of R-513A proactively addresses the requirements of multiple states that require low-GWP refrigerants.

“The Navigator WWV-Templifier TWV pairing delivers the high-quality performance the industry has come to expect with all-electric heat recovery to decrease onsite emissions,” said Jim Macosko, vice president of product and sustainability solutions at Daikin Applied. “With the call to decarbonize HVAC expanding and growing louder, Daikin’s continued innovation and enhancements allow our customers to meet the moment, optimising the environment and their operations.”

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