Eurovent Middle East unveils HVACR Leadership Academy in Dubai


The academy in Dubai, aiming to enhance the skills of professionals in the HVACR industry is crucial for energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover,  education and training for HVACR professionals is the most pressing issue for energy efficiency.

Eurovent Middle East unveiled its new HVACR Leadership Academy in Dubai Marina, UAE. This initiative serves as an open platform designed to consolidate training programs aimed at enhancing the professional growth of HVACR Technicians and Engineers. They play a vital role in bridging the gap between technology and energy efficiency, crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will introduce certified training courses for engineers and technicians, alongside knowledge development programs for other HVACR professionals, with the aim of deepening their understanding of products, technologies, standards, and best practices within an industry that not only impacts health and comfort; they also contribute significantly to the world’s growing energy consumption. Eurovent Middle East estimates that substantial energy savings—25 percent through preventive maintenance, 15 percent through improved installation, and 20 percent through enhanced HVACR equipment operation—are achievable.

Tariq Al Ghussein, President of Eurovent Middle East, emphasised, “The pursuit of greater energy efficiency to mitigate climate change’s impact has become a global priority at all governmental levels. Our industry is making substantial investments in developing more efficient products, and the transition to alternative refrigerants is becoming increasingly urgent. These advancements rely heavily on well-trained HVACR professionals who are well-versed in new technologies. Without capacity building, it is impossible to reach the sustainability goals set by national governments.”

Marco Buoni, Managing Director of Centro Studi Galileo, stated, “In the Middle East, as well as globally, there is a growing demand for expertise in commissioning, installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC/R systems. CSG has worked closely with several GCC countries, in collaboration with the United Nations, to establish national certification and training programs through legislation. The partnership with Eurovent Middle East is a natural progression, and we are excited and honored to contribute to this essential and necessary process through this collaboration.”

Another key figure in the Academy is Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, an independent consultant specialising in Indoor Air Quality and Air Filtration, and a lecturer at several universities and institutes. He highlighted the advantages of improved maintenance in terms of the health and safety of building occupants. He remarked, “Elevating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become an urgent concern for our well-being and quality of life. The focus has shifted towards clean air and the methods that facilitate it. Hence, embarking on professional learning journeys where science intersects with the industry is imperative to elevate air quality and filtration choices, practices, and policies.”

The Academy will commence with a total of 11 courses and will expand continuously in the coming years. Eurovent Middle East also extends an invitation to other organisations to join this collaborative effort and offers governments the flexibility to tailor courses to their specific local needs.

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