Solar Hybrid Systems introduce innovations to the HVAC industry


Pankaj K. Gupta, Energy Specialist, Ensavior Technologies, states that the solar hybrid panel device developed by Ensavior can potentially decrease energy consumption in the HVAC industry by as much as 40 percent. Designed explicitly for variable-volume systems, this product uses solar energy to heat refrigerant gas and utilises UV technology to control indoor air quality.

What various solutions does Ensavior Technologies offer in the market?

We have recently launched solar hybrid system panels that save energy. Ensavior’s energy-saving measures extend to flow control in chilled water systems at the fan coil unit or interior unit level. It has balancing valves and controls on the waterside. On the air side, it regulates indoor air quality by employing UV technology to eliminate germs. As representatives of the US-based company Xylem, Ensavior introduces a variable-frequency pump for water flow control through a frequency drive, effectively optimising chilled water usage. This dual approach significantly conserves energy. In the latest developments, Ensavior is unveiling a renewable energy product utilising solar power to reduce energy consumption in the HVAC or air conditioning sector by a remarkable 40 percent.

What technologies are being offered by Ensavior, especially for pumping solutions and IAQ?

Ensavior specialises in providing comprehensive water and air solutions, offering commercial building pumping solutions that include chilled water systems and fire pumps. Acting as the representative for the US-based company Xylem, Ensavior introduces a variable-frequency pump known for controlling water flow through a frequency drive based on the needed amount of chilled water. This adaptive mechanism contributes to energy savings. Ensavior also actively regulates chilled water flow at the fan coil or interior unit level, offering to balance valves and controls on the waterside. On the air side, the company focuses on managing indoor air quality through purification methods.

What role does the Hybrid Comfort System panel system play in HVAC functionality?

The term ‘Hybrid Comfort System’ pertains to solar-powered air conditioning. The product’s name reflects the expectation of a future reliant on solar energy. ‘hybrid’ refers to the interaction between air conditioning and solar technology. This involves transforming electrical energy into solar energy, utilising thermal energy from solar panels to heat refrigerant in industrial processes for electricity generation. Solar energy plays a crucial role in heating the refrigerant gas, making it a hybrid system.

While aligning with the net-zero concept of 2070, what applications do you visualise for this product?

The product in question is something other than brand-new and has just been developed. Nonetheless, as a commercial company, we must consider the market size and everything it entails to achieve sustainable development objectives. It aligns with our country’s net-zero aspirations. Providing a specific commercial figure currently needs to be more viable. Moreover, our efforts support the nation’s progress toward achieving net-zero emissions.

What outcome do you expect in terms of reducing overall energy consumption?

Ensavior, a consumption-focused enterprise in the HVAC industry, has transitioned into a renewable energy company. This unique position in the market involves offsetting traditional energy consumption with renewable sources. Anticipating a promising future, the shift aligns with the Prime Minister’s mandate, emphasising the imperative nature of renewable energy. The expected outcome is that this transition will reduce overall energy consumption within the industry.

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