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Quality control order norms for the air conditioner industry relaxed 

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The 2023 Amendment Order concerning air conditioners, hermetic compressors, and temperature sensing controls introduces exemptions. These exemptions provide a one-year grace period for hermetic compressors exceeding 7000 W (2 TR) capacity, benefiting air conditioning and refrigeration industry manufacturers.

In pursuance of the notification, the government has relaxed quality control order (QCO) norms for the air conditioner industry to promote ease of business. The amendment includes a provision granting a one-year exemption for Hermetic Compressors exceeding 7000 W (2 TR) capacity from the order’s regulations. This exemption offers a grace period to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment manufacturers. Additionally, manufacturers involved in R&D can import up to 200 goods or articles per year, exempt from the order’s constraints. These imported items, intended solely for R&D purposes and not for commercial sale, must be disposed of as scrap, with detailed manufacturer record-keeping.

The order excludes hermetic compressors and heat exchangers imported by certified domestic manufacturers for the specific purpose of manufacturing export products, as explicitly stated in export orders. Manufacturers are granted an annual exemption for up to 6,000 domestically manufactured or imported hermetic compressors and heat exchangers. Each manufacturer intends these for maintenance and sales purposes, offering flexibility within specified limits.

The 2023 Amendment Order for air conditioners and associated parts, including hermetic compressors and temperature sensing controls, introduces targeted exemptions tailored to different industry facets. Navigating these alterations is crucial for manufacturers and importers to ensure compliance while capitalizing on the allowances within the specified timeframe. It underscores the government’s dedication to harmonizing quality control with industry requirements, fostering advancement and creativity in the air conditioning and refrigeration domain. Watch for more updates and deeper insights into the changing regulatory environment.

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