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“Mission Atmanirbhar Bharat can help overcome COVID-19 impacts”

Incepted in 1973, Greater Noida-based Air Flow Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufacturer, exporter and importer of air ventilation products, air terminal products, air distribution products. In an interview with TCBU, Airflow’s Director Ashwani Jain gives an overview of the ventilation systems industry in India, the company’s expertise and his business roadmap. Excerpts:

Airflow is a manufacturer of HVAC ventilation and air terminal products. How do you see the demand for ventilation systems in India?
The demand for ventilation systems is set to increase in manifolds due to the stringent fire and safety norms in India. Moreover, these ventilation systems are highly essential to maintain the indoor air quality (IAQ) level in an HVAC system and in the room surrounding. Hence, we foresee substantial increase in the demand for ventilation in the coming years.

What are your product offerings in ductless ventilation systems for HVAC?
We are offering both impulse- and induction-type jet fans that are available in various capacities upto 12,000 CMH. Most of the manufacturers are making ductless jet fans in three parts because of which there is leakage in air and sound. But, we at Airflow develop fans in a single piece so as to avoid any leakage and it is stronger in strength. Moreover, we also perform acoustic lining of fans to control the radiated noise coming through these fans. Comparing to the other products available in the market, our axial flow fans and jet fans produce less noise.

How do you ensure easy maintenance of your products?
We don’t really offer any maintenance services to our clients. But, we do consider the maintenance requirements right at the developmental stage, ensuring an easy and feasible maintenance of our products at the customers’ end.

With increase in the air quality concerns, what kind of challenges do you face or do you foresee in the coming days?
Talking about the impending concerns on degrading air quality, I think that the process of providing certification to the companies will now be with high standards. I don’t see that as a challenge, in fact I feel that this will accommodate most of the companies, especially those who believe in developing trending technologies and upgrading their operations for better efficiency.

What are the emerging technologies do you expect to support the HVAC industry?
Technological upgradation and inventing new technologies is an everlasting and ongoing process. Earlier, the companies were focused more on product efficiency, including the fans. But today we are also looking for ways to reduce and control the sound. Sound pollution is also one of driving challenge in the country. So, we are making efforts to create more efficient silencers, acoustic enclosures, mixed-low in line fans, super silent inline fans. With more such innovations, I think the emerging technologies in the near future will have improved efficiency, better noise control, and better filtration to maintain the IAQ among others.

What does the mission “Atmanirbhar Bharat” or “Vocal for Local” mean for HVAC industry as well as for Airflow?
We fully support mission “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Vocal for Local” launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact these missions are followed by Airflow since its inception. We are confident that, with the launch of the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Vocal for Local” campaign, India will definitely become a prosperous country and will overcome the problems created by COVID-19 pandemic. By following these missions import burden will reduce in India and will further help in creating more jobs, industries which will result in making our economy stronger.

How are the current climatic situations and COVID-19 related issues impacting your business?
This pandemic is impacting the world to a great extent. We can see it as an opportunity also. Earlier China was holding a prominent position in the global market, but with the changing trends India can become one of the prominent global players. We are already geared up with our capacities – India can soon replace China in that position.

What is your business outlook for the next two years?
We are very positive about our business this year, a lot of growth opportunities can be seen in India. The government has also started expenditure in infrastructure projects like airports, housing etc. Private investors have also started their projects and volume of FDI is increasing as well. Although the real estate sector is quite slow today, it is expected to be compensated by growing demand in government sector, private sector and FDI. Moreover, with our Prime Minister’s vision to achieve a US$5 trillion economy, we are expecting positive impact in business.

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