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Grundfos CM and CME pumps range redefine compact efficiency for any industrial applications. These horizontal, multi-stage pumps are driven by Grundfos’ innovation-led approach. These pumps are primarily used as a built-in pump in industrial solutions. Its compactness and flexibility make it an optimal solution for installations and interactions with other components in a larger product.

CM and CME pumps are close coupled and comprise a series of interchangeable modules designed to work together seamlessly. The key differentiator between a CM and CME pump is its motor. While the CM pumps are fitted with a mains operated motor, CME pumps represent the new era of pumps with an integrated frequency driver and PI controller.

All CM and CME pumps are capable of pumping liquids at temperatures from -30 degree Celsius to +120 degree Celsius, respectively. These pumps are available in various sizes and the number of stages to meet customer requirements, in terms of flow and pressure.

Features and benefits
Like all other Grundfos solutions, these pumps are designed to conserve energy and use water optimally during its entire lifetime. CME pumps fitted with permanent magnet motors and its high frequency variable frequency drive has one of the highest energy efficiency ratings worldwide.Their highly reliable nature ensures that there is minimal downtime with low maintenance costs.

Compactness: The CM/CME pumps design offers 30 percent reduction in pump size compared to similar pumps for the given application without compromising the overall pump performance. These reductions are possible due to the use of advanced processes and technologies of these CM/CME pumps.

Reliability: Grundfos CM/CME has high built-in reliability. A well-defined and rock-solid clamping of the pump impellers combined with a NORD-LOCK washer at the other end of the pump stack creates a robust and reliable design.

Flexible range of connections: A flexible range of connections ensures that the customer can utilise the connection systems in end-user’s solution at ease. This provides an excellent flexibility and simplicity, creating a customised solution without the normal waiting time.

New E-motors: CME now with the state-of-the-art E-drive, featuring IE5 efficiency including a variable frequency drive. The compact CME design is now available with up to 2.2 kW with many new features which enable tailor-made operation and customer benefits. The new design is more reliable, offering IP68, if needed.

CM and CME pumps cover a wide range of applications, from small installations in homes to large industrial systems.

Washing and cleaning: Pumps are used to wash and clean with soap and other cleaning components. Other applications in these processes include degreasing or washing of industrial equipment, vehicle washing tunnels, washing machines and mobile washing units.

Water treatment processes: A CM or a CME pump can be used in multiple stages of water treatment process as a feeding/booster pump. They are also used in RO plants filtration systems and swimming pool recirculation system.

Temperature control applications: These pumps are used to circulate a liquid in a closed loop with heating or a cooling application. This is typically found in the F&B industry for refrigeration, heating and cooling of industrial equipment and for medical products. The capability of the pump to operate at extremely low and high temperatures gives it an added benefit.

Pressure boosting: CM and CME pumps can be used in pressure boosting applications anddeliver the right pressure after understanding flow requirements of the end user or its applications.
Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries: Flexible nature of CM and CME pumps finds its applications in also distilling systems, dosing/mixing, evaporation, liquid boosting and transfer.

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