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Thermax cooling offers wide range for industrial refrigeration

Thermax offers various wet and dry cooling solutions to remove heat from different process & manufacturing industries. The range of wet and dry cooling solutions uses air, water or a combination of both as medium of heat rejection. This keeps the process fluid/ refrigerant properly cooled and increases the efficiency of production processes and operations of equipment. Our product offering includes evaporative condenser, closed loop cooling tower, dry and adiabatic cooler, air cooled condenser and air cooled heat exchanger.

Evaporative condenser

Thermax offers energy efficient evaporative condenser (EVC) which replaces the conventional condensing system such as atmospheric condenser, Shell &tube heat exchanger along with cooling tower, Plate heat exchanger along withcooling tower resulting in energy savings. EVC is compatible with all type of refrigeration systems and various climatic conditions. Modular construction allows plug and play installation available for new and replacement units.



Closed loop cooling tower
Thermax offers closed loop cooling tower (CLCT) which provides lower approach temperature for cooling process water, glycol-water solution, oil, chemicals, pharmaceutical liquids, machine cooling acids and any other process fluids. The product replaces heat exchanger, open cooling tower and pump used in conventional cooling circuit. CLCT protects the process equipment from contamination/scaling, resulting in saving the operating cost.




Air cooled condenser
Thermax offers range of air cooled condenser as a dry cooling solution for removal of redundant heat generated within power plants and various other industrial processes. Our solution ensures reliable operations of turbine and avoids potablewater from getting evaporated.



Dry and adiabatic coolerPG-37-Dry-and-adiabatic-cooler
Thermax offers range of dry and adiabatic cooler for heat rejection process in various industry applications. Our products can be used to effectively cool any fluid in varied and challenging climates. Products are designed to handle high pressure and high temperature applications.

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